Frequently asked questions about the enrolment process for official master's degrees

Enrolment periods for master's degrees generally takes place during the month of September. Please check the Faculty and/or centre where the master's degree is offered for specific dates.

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You must enrol in person at the Academic Administration Office of the Faculty. Please check the master's website for specific information about the enrolment dates and the procedure.
Check what documents you have to bring. You can also consult the Enrolment procedure.
If you have any question, contact the Academic Administration Office of the Faculty where the master's degree is offered.

More information on enrolment documents
Master's degree enrolment procedure
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The documents you sent online when you pre-registered do not substitute the documents you must present when you enrol.
Especially if you are an international student, before arriving please check that you have all original documents and photocopies accredited and/or legalised before enrolling in the programme.

More information on enrolment documents

You can consult prices through the price simulator or at the Academic Administration Office of your centre.

Master's degree enrolment fee simulator
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Payment of the registration fee is always made by direct debit.

You can do a single payment or you can pay  in three instalments.
Bear in mind that, regardless of your selected payment method, the amount you've already paid while pre-registering will besubtracted from the final payment of the registration.
You can consult the "Pre-enrolment" section in the master's website fore more information.

For information on financial aids and grants for official master's degrees, please visit:

You can contact the International Support Service (ISS), which will help you will all the legal procedures related to your studies from before you leave your country to once you have arrived in Barcelona.
You can also contact the Faculty or School where the master's degree is offered, where they will inform you off all the academic documents you will need to enrol, both before you leave your country and once you have arrived to UAB.

International Support Service (ISS)
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If you need to present documents with information on the master's degree, such as prices, duration, credits and calendar dates to apply for visas, grants, etc., you can request them at the Faculty where the master's degree is offered. You will receive the document by e-mail or by post.

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