Official master's degree in Sport Management

An innovative programme based on experiential learning and focused on the business side of sport, to cultivate professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and strategic vision. 

Enrolment Official Master's Degree in Sport Management

New master's degree students

Once the definitive access to the master programme is granted, it is necessary to formalize the registration in person at the Academic Services in the dates indicated, and in the day and time assigned via email or telephone.

In case the person concerned can not formalize the registration, he/she must authorize another person, who will have to bring a duly completed and signed authorization with his/her data and those of the authorized person, along with a photocopy of the DNI / NIF of each.

For more information on enrolment, the documentation to be provided and the registration process please check this page.


Onsite: €178 per credit
Online: €154 per credit. 
5% disc. Alumni FUABformació (applicable only on the first enrolment of the whole course)
10% disc. Alumni Premium+ (applicable only on the first enrolment of the whole course)