Credits - FAS

The FAS offers a series of activities that are recognised with academic credits by the UAB.

Course activities

The courses allow students to acquire specific knowledge on social topics and on the reality of people living in situations of exclusion or at risk of exclusion. Only from a point of reflection can we build and participate in changes in inequalities towards a more critical and fairer society for everyone. These course activities are taught by professionals from reference organisations in the voluntary sector and lecturers from the UAB. Courses are recognised with 2 elective credits or 2 ECTS credits (the new syllabuses include the possibility of obtaining up to 6 credits for participation in cultural, sports, support and cooperation activities).


The FAS understands volunteering as an integral and cross-cutting learning process beyond academic life. Our programmes there have a continuous and educational slant throughout the year. In a university context where the participation of students is recognised volunteering activities are a good opportunity to build a more involved and committed educational community.

We there offer the possibility to obtain academic credits for volunteer participation (2 or 3 ECTS credits). Once the activity has started there is an information session about how to obtain credit.